About Me.

I have over 3 years experience of working as a Graphic Designer at a highly respected marketing company in the North West. I have aquired vast experience of working with many different and interesting clients, whether its working strictly to brand guidelines or being left to create new exciting/engaging concepts or ideas.

My Passion.

I love branding. I love the thought process behind a logo. Op' Artist Bridget Riley inspires me throughout graphic design and fashion with her use of colour, optical illussions and colour.

Paul Rand is another influential designer of mine, his corporate identity styles are often integrated and adapted into my designs. His approach to design is dynamic and simplistic. One of his most infamous designs is for the corporate company IBM. The Eye Bee M poster is a memorable poster from the 1980’s, it’s playful yet iconic. The phonetic visual key is designed with simple lines, shapes and colour that work in unity on the black background.

Artists also inspire my work, Bridget Riley uses geometric patterns and colour to create illusions that capture your imagination. The simple use of black and white with a dash of colour incorporated with the simple vertical, horizontal and wavy lines gives the illusion of movement. Using these simple techniques give an image a talking point, which is pivotal when designing an identity for a client.

Anyway, please take a look through my online portfolio above.